Brain Storming

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...
Brain scanning technology is quickly approaching levels of detail that will have serious implications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I take the next step in regrouping five years of work on facebook I have found the mentalities of those arenas repugnant. I have dealt with limited  subjects that were not interesting. Diluted by overly opinionated word play, thought out as far as we could  be sitting in one room and our thoughts could not ascend through the construction. I practiced Mental Toughness and how to Develop it. Which seems to have limitation of thought on subjects at hand which is baffled by the informal rhetoric because of the unwillingness to take their internal self to the next plateau. In finding this disengaged form of thinking, semi ignorant, the game of chess was won from the start. Every move predicted as if the answers to the test was given by the teacher herself!

When we excite the mind  past it normal constraints we find that the person reverts to its comfort zone or child like mind.  A combative state of mind  soul survival tactic is to fight for a cause to make self-worth in  physical plasma only to retard its own spectrum when dealing with a stimulant of uncomforted feelings.  Such as it may this stand alone part of self-destruction limits the enhancers of the brain function only to rely on a lower form of coping mechanisms translated to binary energy or cycle. You say to scientifical, I say This is the form of communication I thrive upon and much to your surprise being this way can be very difficult at times for being under attack of scrutiny because it is not under stood so I call it ELLAMENTAL ∀ΦΨΠ 

So as I write to you today I have found applying my years of study by reminding myself of the many thoughts contained in one’s mind,  articulate well, and if the other person is not aware of what it is that you do and have not the virtue to look into this world you dwell in  they will always remain miss informed, in parallel, they will only speak from what they may assume the situation is by distorted ideas, use limited resources to understand the others point of view, they will only speak from their knowledge evading the fact that in life there are those who truly know more than you and has experienced more in life? This is just pure fact! Do you not agree? hence the word “spectacle”

3 thoughts on “Brain Storming

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  2. Excellently put and written, also very well broken down.
    Its a shame so many choose only to see the spectacle many don’t know them selves enough to articulate their own thoughts.
    I truly but regrettably think most are too interested in the social safety net, following trends ect individualism is one of those things where you will catch flack for standing alone.
    Happiness is a front for.many, rather than worrying about the social reaction they need to start living for themselves and judge others on self not self on others.
    The masses are so used to letting others make their choices for them.they have forgotten how to think independently.

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