If someone close to you died from a disease and you were there thru the whole process wouldnt that effect you some way to help others a like to comfort them? So since many of whom I see are so concerned about what people say and do, Do we not truly pay attention to a S.M.I.L.E. Many of you on facebook have to face facts your purpose is only as good as your intentions.. It is hard out here in the world, from getting jobs to having a great relationship friends, family or a lover.. Yet some never zer0 out t0o view the big picture… Change has to come, adapt and over come.. & You can not do everything by your self don’t care who you are.. Fighting for a cause is different than just text typing the bad of the world & posting horrific pics.. We have to get out there and be apart of it.. or you are just as bad as the problem I SALUTE THOSE who really are finding information, battling thru, red tape, putting together people to acquire Human ELLAvation.. The Pen is Mightier than the sword.. yet with both in hand is…………………………………………………………….

There is no support for you if you will not support others.. Have we not learned this yet? Many of the Brands being posted here will not survive the next 4years because of the intent and limitations to expand the mindz horizons…If your parents isnt behind what you do either its BS or something is wrong with them.. I will never stand for a group (rap or not) if their primary movement is not to help better the youth.. Because they are the targets just as we were now look.. Hip Hop Complains about the skinny jean fad yet instead of getting to know them many degrade it which is violence in itself.. Praying on the weak to make self feel better, So many look for a way out and leave the responsibility to others to make choices yet when the choices are made there is arguing & bickering this is a form of hypnotism lost in the imagination of far off paintings that makes us wish we are not here missing the point that this isnt a dream we are living Life as it is.. Making up another dream in places far far away where we can not maintain the distant present do to the rational thing to do. What is your intent and cause is it to be the hottest rapper/producer yet are you hollow inside..?

The poetry of pain and spoken word limits the vibration of action by its standards of snapping and clapping yet this energy can be channeled into motivation.. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? A beautiful picture is just that a picture unless you can make it there

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